Marcin Chwedczuk

Hello Stranger! Not many people visit my homepage. Maybe you just wanted to read my blog, but you landed here by mistake?

Or maybe you actually want to figure out something about me? In that case this page may be of some help. In short I was born in a small village in eastern Poland. I received my master’s degree in computer science from Warsaw University of Technology. Since then I work as programmer in Warsaw, Poland.

To be honest after about ten years of living in Warsaw, I am thinking now about moving abroad or at least to a different Polish city (maybe Gdańsk or Wrocław)…

I probably should add more info here, but this page was created only about two weeks ago. Please give me more time…

You can contact me at 0xmarcin✉ (it’s zero at the beginning).

GitHub LinkedIn*

*) Personally I think LN is full of bullshit. I plan to move all my data from LN to this site.